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GGTEK Advanced Security Technologies

GGTEK has the capacity to develop and produce new products that can be used even under harsh conditions, both for standard and customer / project needs. It has the capacity and flexibility to meet the needs of its customers in different product and production volumes with its laboratory and high capacity production equipment.

Our products are subjected to test and control processes throughout the development and production processes to ensure maximum quality before delivery. With our expert staff, 100% Capital T.C. As a subsidiary of SSTEK A.Ş, which belongs to the Presidency Defense Industry Presidency, we continue our work and production activities at Hacettepe Technopolis, at the heart of technology.


Product Development

GGTEK develops its products based on different industrial solutions and customer demands.

Chip Assembly

The production of the developed product is followed by mounting the chip on the antenna. GGTEK manages this process with its high capacity and fully automatic Chip Assembly Machine.


Products called RFID TAG coated with hard plastic varieties or in high capacity lamination units are converted into labels to be prepared with paper and / or polymer films and adhesive.

Technical Analysis

Inlays and labels obtained in fully automated processes are subjected to frequency testing with various materials from the antenna design stage to the end product.


GGTEK also offers customer-specific printed and programmed turnkey solutions. A wide range of security features such as custom printing, embossing, hologram and tamper with external interfaces can be added by us.

High Security

Using security technologies, access to information within the chip can be blocked, the chip can be locked or rendered unusable. GGTEK is ready to offer you high-security technological solutions for your processes to operate more safely.


GGTEK is ready for your service with Product Development and R&D, Technical Evaluation, Chip Assembly and RFID Inlay production, RFID label production, RFID high security document production and Personalization skills. to produce solutions that are specific to your departments or processes, that are accurate and easy for your business, within the life cycle of your institution or company.